Amazing Modern Single Level Tiny House

Amazing Modern Single Level Tiny House, This kitchen is something special. The black cabinetry, those incredible green tiles, and wood just really pop into the space. Yeah, I love black. So I’ve always wanted a black kitchen. Funnily enough, it hides everything. I want everything low maintenance, easy clean. So you know, it’s got touch-resistant fingerprints, which is fantastic. The wood just warms it up. I love the pop of brass coming through. But I just wanted something straightforward, really plain. But I think with the green tiles. You’ve got something there that just pops. I’m not the cook.

Funnily enough, I love hosting. But I wanted something really functional and easy here to help Russell; I think with small house design, there is this idea that everything has to be light and white to make the space feel more spacious. But one of the things that I love with the color scheme that you’ve created here is that it makes the room feel cozy, and it sort of draws you into the kitchen. I guess for us, you know, having as many, you know, windows and doors as possible create so much natural light. So it doesn’t matter how much black you have in there. And it’s a great-sized kitchen as well. I can see that you’ve managed to build a tremendous amount of storage into it.

I think you know, taking everything up to the ceiling, Amazing Modern Single Level Tiny House

That way, you know you’re using every little bit very cleverly done. And you have all the necessary appliances here as well. Absolutely. Yeah. So definitely with the oven and microwave combo. I needed a dishwasher. So the pullout dishwasher, that’s all been interrogated and behind. We’ve got everything here that you would typically have in a normal-sized home. So we’ve got our coffee station, and yeah, it’s was planned for easy care and convenience. Yeah, we’re okay with the right to think of most things. We’ve got a pullout pantry, which is pretty impressive. It goes right to the top. And, some things that we don’t use very often, but everything else is easily accessible and has plenty of space.

Loads of storage in there. Yeah, I measured everything that I had in my existing house. We’ve used every little bit in the place that we could. Yeah, I didn’t have to downsize much at all. And my kitchen, you know, we can comfort you know, feed eight to 12 people. Great. I guess I wait for a little bit more of a vintage vibe. But again, just the bare basics we need here, like a decent wardrobe, I didn’t want a pokey little wardrobe. In here, we’ve got, you know, like, three total, you know, single cabinets to obviously for me and one for us.

I like the fact that we’ve got you to know that we put our drawers to drawers

And then further down we’ve got, you know, when we put our shoes, and then at the top there, we’ve got a whole lot of baskets, and that’s Russell’s the mind changes season clothing. So we didn’t have to kill much, which is excellent. And then we’ve got two side tables. We got creative with the side table. So again, I took my grandmother’s side table that you know is dear to me and put that in there. And then we just grabbed like a box, turned it upside down, and used it as another side table. But for me, it was bringing the brass through to the bedroom, keeping it simple. Again, black and white. So everything seems streamlined, more significant than what it is, really capitalizing on the fact that we’ve got a long single, you know, window, and then we’ve got the big door here with a window above it. So yeah, we put those in and bed wardrobe side tables.

What more do you need? And I especially like how with the door here, the bedroom does again really just open up to the outdoors. Yeah, again, I looked at how we love, and I’m fortunate because I get breakfast every Saturday and Sunday. So the view was critical, and having the sun, you know, come directly into your bedroom in the morning is just a beautiful way to wake up. And the barn door there is charming. Also, it just brings a bit of warmth from the timber into the room. Yes, I’ve always wanted a barn door. And I love the fact that you’ve got the wood, and then you’ve got like the wrought iron.

So again, that black is coming in that natural harshness and rawness that I like

And I’m guessing that leads to your bathroom at the dance. All right, let’s check it out. Oh, wow, this is a unique layout. Yeah, I was pretty pedantic about this particular space. This is where we get dressed. We utilize the area a lot because we’ve got the laundry, we’ve got the bathroom, and we’ve also got our bohtan linen cupboard—what a clever design. We’ve got all the cleaners if you think meant we haven’t had to skimp on anything. Everything that you would typically have in an order isn’t yet. So it’s really functional, excellent, and gorgeous design in here as well. I especially like your bass in here. Amazing Modern Single Level Tiny House.

I wanted something, you know, a Vocal Point and this particular room, so going for the marble VESA was perfect. So you know there’s a small space, but I wanted a decent basin, something that we can utilize. Yeah, and it’s a lovely match with the circular led mirror to a girl has got to have a good mirror and absolute good mirror for your blow-drying your strength of your hair, your makeup and you know capitalizing on all the light and Russell’s shaving as well. Man’s got to have a good marriage. You’ve got a great-sized shower in here, and I especially like the way that you’ve positioned it where it sort of encloses the space but doesn’t feel like you’re cutting anything off.

Yeah, so I wanted it to be see-through, So then it does appear that it’s bigger than what it is

But it is a standard 900 by 900 shower. But just straightforward, low maintenance, and makes everything look more prominent. Yeah. And without compromising on space. And I see you’ve got the incinerator toilet there as well. Absolutely. We like it. Because you know, every couple of weeks, you’re just pulling out ash. And then you’re able to, you know, put it out into the garden. It’s what works for us. Yeah, very nicely done. So you’ve only recently moved into the tiny house. But how’s it working out for you so far? It was a week yesterday. So things are working out well. So far,

Labatt, just you know, when you visualize something, and it’s unusual in life, that it’s precisely how you imagined it today. But it’s Yeah, everything. It’s just perfect. And what did your children think of the tiny house? Well, when we first told them, I thought we were mad. Probably Stalder. They probably still do. But yeah, they know you are a little bit crazy. So this is perhaps really not unusual. But yeah, I think they are just happy for us. You see, they want us to slow down. They’re always going on about us slowing down and enjoying life more and spending more time with him. So that’s what you know, 2021 and 2022. It’s got playing for us. Yeah, just slow down a bit. Enjoy our surroundings and enjoy our family and friends. Yeah.

Great. And can we talk about the cost involved in building this home?

Yeah, so we started at about 165,000. But it was essential for us to get Council consent. And then we looked at, you know, where we’re going to go off-grid or not. And we decided to be still prepared to go off-grid and have solar, but at the moment, we don’t. So obviously, we attached ourselves to the main house where we’re staying and did all the right things with the plumbing a mess. So yeah, we start at about 165,000. We’ve gone a little over that by the time we did our deck and all those bits and pieces. So yeah, really happy waking up in the tiny house is his freedom. Yeah, there’s a tremendous feeling of space. Even though we’ve been here for a short amount of time, we’ve been working towards us for, you know, three years. It’s everything that I wanted it to be.

There is pressure there. So it is essential to do the job when we’re at the Job. But then being able to come home and in being able to relax, leave the Job there, although we know that Job was important. But having balanced here at home, going tiny, like you can’t bring a load of work home and make sure you prioritize being out where we are, you know, naturally, you know, you come over the hill, and it’s just like, going home. Amazing Modern Single Level Tiny House

So for us, I guess it is. It’s freedom for us, Amazing Modern Single Level Tiny House

COVID just made it happen faster. You know, we got our priorities straight. And we’re still trying to get them straight, you know, but this is, at least, a new beginning for us. Even though we’re at the other end of our life, we feel like it’s just starting. Yeah, it’s exciting.

Well, you have done such an excellent job. With this home, you can see how much thought and attention to detail you’ve poured into this design. And I love all of the beautiful materials you’ve chosen here. Thank you both so much for sharing. Okay, Bryce, thank you for us. My pleasure. Leah and Russell have created such a wonderful home for themselves here. There is so much clever design poured into this home that just makes it work so well. But more than anything, for this couple, it’s a home that now gives them more freedom and more time to be able to spend with their loved ones. And really, that is precisely what a home should enable us to do.

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