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Glass Cabin
Glass Cabin

Glass Cabin, We’re in Hocking Hills, Ohio, once again today. I get a lot of comments where people explain to me why they would never come to Ohio in their lives. Still, I think my surplus of Airbnb videos and hockey knows Ohio suggests otherwise it is so beautiful, and there’s a lot to do in hocking hills, Ohio. It’s, I think, a hidden gem, but many visitors come here every year. Anyway, I would have given you a tour of the ledge at the last cavern here in hocking hills. it leaves you with your own private, beautiful terrain and rock formations and your hiking trails on the property. This is phenomenal.

That’s why it’s called the last cover, and the Airbnb is called the ledge because it is 50 feet high off of the bottom of the cavern, and you can see the cavern from the Airbnb, and it’s just so beautiful, and I don’t want to spoil too much of it because it is amazing. So we’ll get to that later in this video. But if you want to book this place yourself, that link is down below, or if you want to host your own home, sign up with my link down below because you can make some good money on Airbnb. Glass Cabin.

If this inspires you, then I think you should anyway, Glass Cabin

With torque drive down your driveway, you have plenty of parking spaces because the spot sleeps six people total. It is a three bedroom place. So if you checked out the length, the price of this place runs for about between 300 to $400 a night, depending on a weekday or weeknight, which is such a great price if you’re splitting it between three couples or something like that. This is a perfect spot because what this place offers when people pay you to know $800 A night or something like that around here. So definitely a great price for what you get here. Anyway, you’ll walk down to the ledge, and you can instantly tell this is a mid-century modern design cabin. It blends modern and old-world appeal, and it’s just eye candy for me.

At least I love the black exterior, I believe it’s roofing, and the owner just used that as the siding, and it looks lovely. And all the glass around this if this whole side right here is glass, and if we look on the front, this whole half of the site is glass as well. So that’s something elegant in the living room. This is where you get to see the beautiful views that this place has to offer. You can see the ravine that cuts right in front of your Airbnb, and there are beautiful trees everywhere, and there’s even a breakfast snuck out here if you want to come on here and eat and enjoy the views. But now, let’s walk through the store and check out what is on the inside of your Airbnb.

You’ll walk right in, and this is a brand new style, Glass Cabin

I would say that I have shown on this channel, and I like it a lot. This is a very masculine rustic modern style here, and I think they did an excellent job you There’s windows just floor-to-ceiling windows throughout half of the halls right here. This is great because you have great views so whenever you’re inside, you can see the great views. The first thing over here on the left side is your dining nook. It is this half booth with a couple of chairs right here. This is a fun area to eat at, and on the other side of this, you have a couple of games to enjoy with everybody you bring. And then, on the other side of this is a cool fireplace.

This fireplace is huge. I’ve seen this design a couple of times before, but nothing ever this big, and they provide wood for you to use for your fireplace and just being around here though the windows look great and as we continue along, you might notice that this floor is lovely as well. It is this black stamped concrete texture, and it is so unique because it is all heated. So in the winter, you have concrete floors that are heated. Your tootsies will never be cold. Even in the summer. It’s nice to have heated floors on your bare feet.

So a plus on that, and now we reach into your living room area over here on the right side

You have this beautiful chair right next to this window that you can open drink coffee here. Then you have the rest of your living room over here, two couches. Your TV along with all the windows, and then on the other side of this is your kitchen space. Your kitchenette, I would say the first thing is your refrigerator. You have some shelves as well. And then you have your beautiful sink and then a dark wood countertop. I’ve never seen this before. It looks pretty neat. Then all the shelves over here for all of your dishes and everything, and they have all of your coffee supplies provided for you.

They provide a goodie box for you. This is a very nice box to have you get a lot for how your stay here, and then before we exit out of this main living space. We look up at the ceiling you have the wood beams everywhere. One cool aspect about this is the lighting they choose to use. Here they have these giant vintage light bulbs everywhere. They have a dim, warm light feel and two cool hanging lights above the dining table and your living room. There’s a door of your living room, actually, and let’s take a step out of that and check that out. When you walk out here, of course, you get the views.

How many times am I going to say that in this video?

And over here on the left is a couple of seating options lounging chairs out here can sunbathe. You can sit out here, drink some coffee, enjoy the beautiful nature. Now let’s head inside and check out the rest of the home. Look back to this hallway for the other half of your home first door on the right is your main bedroom. I would say instantly you can see the big mural on this wall. These butterflies are everywhere, and it takes up the whole wall right behind your bed. So there is no need for a headboard or anything like that. And you’ll notice in each bedroom, they did a different mural on each wall. Which is cool, and have a couple of nice dinners neat side.

You have the small corner with your window right here with a couple of shelves and some hangers for you to store your clothes, and whenever I slept here, I kept this window open and listened to the waterfall while I slept. So it was awesome. Something unique about this Airbnb is they provide different mattresses for you. So if you are a firm sleeper, they have another bedroom for you. Or if you like your bed soft, they have this bedroom for you. This is a bedroom I picked because I like my bed soft. But I think it’s cool that Airbnb is offered different bed styles. Glass Cabin.

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