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HOUSE TOUR, Thank you for tuning in for today’s property tour, guys, and today we’re at Astra woods at the Bethany floorplan, and we’re going to be checking out this gorgeous model home that they have here for display. Sorry I just a little loud out there. Okay, so I have the price sheet here. So we’re looking at the Bethany floor plan. So that is going to be starting from the high four hundred. It is a two-story 3444 square feet, four-bedroom three and a half bathroom formal dining room, living butler’s pantry, dual closets, a lot of stuff. So I’m going to leave their website description so you guys can check them out but super excited to give you all this tour. And as always, guys, may the Lord Jesus Christ be with all of you.

Or I’m sorry about the floor plan, you know No, you got the little pantry here okay, but keep in mind guys, the model homes are usually decked out with a lot of upgrades, you know because obviously, they have to make it appealing to whenever people walk in. So just a heads up, but if you guys built this one from the ground up once again, you’re going to be starting from the high four hundred and then obviously with all the upgrades, a lot of premiums, you know yeah.

You would have to sit down with the builders

They would probably give you a better estimate of how much everything would be depending on what upgrades you know. Or the other option would be an inventory spec home homes that are already selected pre-made have a final price. But if you guys love the model homes or like some of the features inside of them, then those are options you can add to building from the ground up. It’s kind of like a like you know how you go to a dealership, and they have like base pricing for cars, and then you add a bunch of upgrades to it.

That’s kind of how this process is, so I’m going to show you all quickly. Oh wow, that’s pretty cool. And you guys are looking for something smaller two. They do have, you know, one story available. So just a heads up, and then you got this beautiful master bath single venue on each side. Huge bathtub stands up shower, or you gotta walk-in closet got another his cabinet. Then at the toilet, there see what do we have in here?

Okay, this is some just extra storage there, HOUSE TOUR

The good news is, though, I mean, I was pretty surprised they do have some lots to build on. So that’s if you guys aren’t in a rush and want to build out the home that you wish to with selections. They have, you know, building from the ground up could be, you know, something you guys could look at into because you know. A Walk closet right we got Peters room hey then a walk-in closet as well, and then in between, we have a double battery upstairs bathroom.

Alright, just a pretty quick tour, guys. So once again, CBT nuggets Grove, here in Ashton Woods. So you guys check out their website. As always, guys, keep in mind. I do not work for the builder. So pricing availability is subject to change. And other than that, God bless you and your families. Thank you for watching. If you guys haven’t checked out the previous prophets, or guys highly recommend you all do. We did a compelling message on that one.

But you all already know, HOUSE TOUR

You know, I’m going to leave you all with a bit of nugget. You know, okay, let’s head on over the backyard real quick. Oh, right. Yes, sir. You all already know when we go to the backyard. It’s time to get real. But anyway, guys, I’m just going to leave you all with this. Check out the previous video. We went deep. And just kind of, you know, talked about backsliding, right? We talked about that. And how right Now’s not the time to play with, you know, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Okay. Now it’s time to get serious. Put that form of God on and be ready.

So never forget, he loves you and cares about you. And, you know, remember, the Bible tells us he leaves the nine to find that one. And that one might just be you today. So now is calling out to you. Okay? I love all of you guys. Never forget Jesus Christ loves you. And I’m going to keep praying for you all. And thank you all so much for, you know, supporting the channel. You guys are subscribing, putting some positive just encouraging, you know, messages, comments. HOUSE TOUR.

I appreciate it guys seriously

We need the encouragement as much as you guys can have you guys, you know, whatever you do, pray for us. Pray for us. Give us learn to let the Lord give us courage and safety while we’re driving the road. We need Joel’s prayers, guys. And I’m going to keep praying for you all. And aside from that, guys, hopefully on the proper tour, guys, as always, were text relocation experts at the number routed Google phones on Tik Tok and Instagrams, and you guys can also follow our page me and wife.

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