HOUSE TOUR NEAR DALLAS TEXAS, Shalom Family, God bless you all. Thank you all for tuning in for today’s good tour, guys. Court Grand Prairie, Texas. Where do we check out this gorgeous home currently on the market? This is a four-bedroom four and a half bathroom 3650 square feet sitting on a one-acre lot presently listed at 710,000 Okay, and the listing is presented by Bromborough listing results LLC All right. So that being said, guys, hopefully, you all enjoy it.

Let me know your thoughts on this gorgeous home. So as soon as we entered, we had this beautiful grand entry with high vaulted ceilings, beautiful light fixtures, the wood flooring—okay, got like black railing there. And then, to my right, you have this kind of tiny office area here. Okay, now this is, you know, I was driving up here on my man.

The lats are enormous, HOUSE TOUR NEAR DALLAS TEXAS

You know that one-acre lot is his goal right there. But you got to have a bathroom here for the guest. All right. And then soon as you enter this little hallway, you got this beautiful kitchen living room area. You got this lovely fireplace there. Okay. Wow, look at this kitchen, okay beautiful light fixtures, kind of like a dark grey cabinet color their gas range stove, and then on the right-hand side, you have all the white cabinets here.

Beautiful backsplash there okay in this light fixture that sits right there gives you a little zoom in real quick. But wait to get to the backyard. I was all in the wife we were driving up, and I looked around on my man. These lots are big and perfect for having a little horse. The little chicken farm has a pretty cool well, not pretty cool, but he’s an amazing Klein. Do you know? He’s a. He’s a follower of Christ. So we had a great conversation when he came down and, you know, came down from California. And he was super adamant about like

I need an I need some landman

So we found them some land, you know, I think it’s the house is going to be Lord willing the house is going to be closing on is about like, close to two acres right around there. But it’s huge because he was like, I need an I want to, you know, horses on have chickens and all that so So, man, if you’re looking for land a nice big lot. Shoosh beautiful. And everything spaced out says even better. So like your neighbors are pretty spaced out. And you know, not everything’s all clumped up together. And she’s got her little bathroom here too.

Okay. Single vanity, little bathtub there. And I’m assuming that this is going to be the closet here. Little walking alright, but as always, man, praise the Lord. Praise the Lord. We got here safely. My wife and I are just listening to sermons, and like we man if there’s a just a pastor that would recommend our preacher that were that recommend you listening to guys if you all ever get a chance as Paul Washer? His messages are so strong, like I mean, highly, highly recommend. We’re listening on the road, and we’re like, man, God is a man just use feel it, man.

And it’s just like, a powerful message, HOUSE TOUR NEAR DALLAS TEXAS

So I highly recommend you all check them out. He’s a really, I think was heart. He’s with the Hi Hate Crime ministry, so he’s. Yeah, he’s great guys highly recommend him. I’ll see if I can leave a link down below to one of his sermons that were listened to. But we have just been like, man, just on fire. So praise the Lord, man. Praise the Lord. Alright, we got a little bathroom here. I love this master bath. It’s nice. I like this kind of old school. Then you have a beautiful standard shower. Kind of like a marble, marble, marble texture. And all the floor is marble as well.

So that’s very nice.This check Yeah, this is going to be a two-car garage. Now someone’s going to be like, Yes, finally he shows the garage. Alright, so we got everything done downstairs. Let’s head on upstairs. Okay, all right, we got the second deck live from here. Okay. All right, you got three nice large windows. Set up boo. Family airy here. You know, got a little half bathroom here. Got the other rooms. A little nose room here. Okay. And then nose guys own little bathroom here too. All right. So there’s a pretty busy day, guys. It’s going to update you all on what we’re doing today.

I got to check on some amazing clients

All Gord Christ got to check out some of their properties that are getting finished up. So I got to update them, and we’re going to go check out a couple more properties. So, we’re going to head back to San Antonio from Dallas tonight because I have a couple of meetings tomorrow. So that being said, it’s going to be a pretty busy day, guys. So, um, many are up and moving, but I’m still trying to pump up these videos for you guys so that we all can see what’s out there and you all can, you know, enjoy. And I don’t know if you all heard that. But that was my stomach.

We are, we are hungry. But praise the Lord. I always say, you know what, God gives me strength, man, because I’m telling you, sometimes we get so busy, but you know what, it’s just beautiful. Because I’m always my wife and me. We work together 24/7. And we work together.

So that’s even better because we’re like, there’s been time all the time

And we, I mean, we, we love it because we’re, you know, either reading the Word, working with clients, taking videos of properties, and listening to sermons and maybe going on low date nights, which I told you I think in the last video, I don’t know about totally all. Still, we went to a super awesome Korean barbecue place, which is called nori.

I tell you guys what, we went there like two days, two nights ago. And, you know, I’m thinking like, man, the plates are probably super small, like, but no, I told. I told the waiter I was like, I need to order for three. Not to three people. And he was like, Are you sure? And I’m like, yeah, come on. But for my wife and me, we, Hey, we made it happen. We ate for three.

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