Maybach Landaulet Review

Maybach Landaulet Review

Colossally powerful V12 engine; exclusive soft-top sedan design; luxury galore.


Heart attack inducing price; poorly disguised ten-year old Mercedes roots.


2011 Maybach Landaulet is an exclusive ultra luxury high performance sedan with rear interior area, which is separated from chauffeur’s compartment by glass partition. We can’t possibly fathom, why it costs nearly $1 million as compared to old Maybach, but the quasi-convertible Landaulet can at least boast ultra exclusivity atop its opulent interior. For 2011, it gains 18 more horsepower and options list gets a partition mounted 19-inch cinema display. With open-top Landaulet, the company has re-enlivened the great art of producing majestic vehicles. True to the tradition of exclusive landaulets, the chauffeur’s compartment remains fully enclosed, while its roof can be opened fully at the rear. The passengers are then able to enjoy the clear, blue sky above. Seated in opulent armchairs upholstered in white leather, the occupants inside are treated to a majestic open air experience at present unrivalled by any other vehicle in an environment of exquisite style and utmost luxury. Maybach is once again demonstrating its expertise in creating the most exclusive luxury cars of the world.

The all-new 2011 Maybach Landaulet resurrects the legend of classic luxury Landaulet models, a feature of which is that only chauffeur’s area is closed. The extra large folding roof opens up over pampered backseat passengers when needed, leaving no obstructions between the blue sky above and them. Boasting a certain idealistic quality and enabling its occupants the opportunity to savor closeness to nature, this outstanding automobile also features an ultimate in technical sophistication and comfort and as such sets the new benchmark for most exclusive luxury sedans of the world. The Maybach name symbolizes high-end luxury motoring and stands for effortlessly better automotive engineering at precision craftsmanship and timeless, stylish and very highest level elegance.

Maybach Landaulet Review

The cars driven by Chauffeur by nature still are ranked amongst the top products of the automaker’s art. This applies to a meticulous degree to Maybach Landaulet: high-grade engineering, innovative, luxurious ambience and exceptional comfort clearly place this model a cut above even luxury car segment. This is down in part to select, first-rate materials, large amounts of which specialists integrate into Maybach Landaulet with meticulous attention to craftsmen’s skill and detail. It might best be compared to prestigious super-yachts – valuable and exquisitely beautiful masterpieces, which fuse exotic materials and sophisticated technology with close-to experience of nature that addresses all the senses, and take their owners far away from the traditional.

The 2011 Maybach Landaulet comes standard with latest chassis technology that includes independent multilink rear suspension and independent double wishbone front suspension, along with AIRMATIC Dual Control air suspension that features air springs complemented by extra spring rate adjustment system including adaptive damping with incorporated level control. Consequently, the passengers inside are able to enjoy a ride quality of unparalleled smoothness. Bi-xenon is a groundbreaking headlight technology in which both main and low beam are produced by powerful xenon gas discharge lamps. The additionally incorporated active light function can improve the illumination of curves by up to 90%, since the bi-xenon modules swivel as a function of vehicle’s speed, rate of turn and steering angle. Simultaneously, the dynamic headlamp range adjustment changes the angle of headlamp beams for compensating all pitching movements.

The 2011 Maybach Landaulet is a 20-foot long ultraluxury limousine, which might seem at first to be just another pedestrian Maybach 62 S with twin turbocharged V12 engine. However, swing around to the back and you will find something new and pleasantly refreshing, a soft rear roof panel, which stylishly slides back atop trunk lid, leaving the rearseat out in open air, while maintaining wind deflecting capability, privacy and security of roof structure and side windows. Beneath the hood, you will find a 620HP twin turbo engine, while the cabin inside gets power seats, CD player, 21-speaker audio, rear fridge with accompanying champagne flutes, La-Z-Boy style reclining rear seats and umbrella.

Variants, Body Types and Features

The 2011 Maybach Landaulet is a five or four-seater ultraluxury sedan with retractable rear soft top, plus adaptive bi-xenon headlights, exclusive 20-inch wheels, power closing doors and trunk, an active self-leveling suspension, 10-way power front seats with heat and massage, adaptive cruise control, a full leather interior, front-seat memory settings, four-zone climate control with active air filtration, two-person reclining rear bucket seats with La-Z-Boy-style footrests and heat, champagne flutes, an umbrella and a rear beverage cooler. You will also find a navigation system with a rearview camera, Bluetooth connectivity for both rear and front seating, a Bose 21-speaker premium surround sound stereo system with a console mounted six-CD changer, an in-dash CD player, an auxiliary audio jack and satellite radio and an entertainment system.

Optional features include three-across seating in the back, granite trim, active ventilated seats, a partition-mounted 19-inch television screen and pretty much whatever you and your Relationship Manager can cook up.

What’s Beneath the Hood of 2012 Maybach Landaulet?

Motivation for the 2012 Maybach Landaulet comes from a 6.0 liter V12 twin turbocharged engine, which is good for pulsating jaw-dropping 620 horsepower with earth-shattering 738 pound feet of torque. The engine is mated to five-speed automatic transmission with rear wheel drive system and accelerates from 0 to 60 miles per hour in the time range of 5 seconds.

Safety Features

Standard safety features on 2012 Maybach Landaulet include side curtain airbags, rear and front side airbags, stability control and antilock brakes. In addition to being extraordinarily comfortable, the reclining seats in Landaulet provide an exceptional level of safety in all positions. The restraint system integrating belt-force limiter, sidebag and belt tensioner is incorporated in the backrests, which means that the rear passengers can enjoy optimal protection even when seats are fully reclined. Other safety features include crash-responsive backrest which is moved into upright position in an event of frontal impact.

Special Features and Cockpit Design

The 2011 Maybach Landaulet is the masterpiece of automotive engineering and comes with its very distinguished, yet own exciting authentic style. The cabin color scheme illustrates that the Landaulet is conceived as a chauffeur-driven vehicle, while the passenger compartment is styled a tasteful white, while the chauffeur’s area in black. The seat behind steering wheel should certainly be one of the most coveted workplaces for the chauffeur. The chauffeur’s area is modeled on successful Maybach 62 S, but has been updated in plenty of significant ways. All trim elements and the centre console feature black piano lacquer surfaces.

Seat comfort is further enhanced by pneumatically adjustable air cushions in backrest along with program controlled massage function. Pressing Pulse button deflates and inflates the central air cushion in lumbar area at precisely defined intervals with varying intensity. A maximum output of 600 watts and 21 speakers help create a unique surround sound experience inside the 2011 Maybach Landaulet. The dynamic range optimization (DRO) system uses a microphone inside the vehicle for sensing variations in an ambient sound level and corrects the stereo output automatically. Equipped with its own compressor and installed in the rear center console, the thermostatically controlled refrigerator is a no-cost option and enables passengers to enjoy food or chilled drinks.

Driving Impressions

Those fortunate enough to have $1.38 million to spend on 2011 Maybach Landaulet will be more interested in riding impressions. Featuring Adaptive Damping System (ADS II) and AIRMATIC DC (Dual Control) electronically controlled air suspension system; the Landaulet gains an exceptional level of ride comfort at the same time proving that even a prestigious automobile can display excellent handling qualities and agility. Besides large, internally ventilated brake discs with dual calipers at front, the Maybach Landaulet is equipped with two electro-hydraulic Sensotronic Brake Control braking systems working in tandem. Together with ASR, ESP, Brake Assist and ABS, this offers the Landaulet with very latest in high-tech, effective handling control systems.

The 2011 Maybach Landaulet provides additional power from its bi-turbo AMG-sourced V12, thicker rear and front stabilizers for reducing body roll, a ride height reduction of 15mm for more aggressive appearance and lower center of gravity, a more aggressive wheel and tire package, retuned ASR and ESP traction and stability control systems to take the advantage of re-programmed AIRMATIC DC suspension and higher performance for sportier handling.