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Mello Luxury Anna Maria, Hey everyone, this is Mike Mellor. We’re in Jacksonville, Florida; today, show you this home behind me. Alright, so let’s go ahead and check out this home and do a walkthrough of it. They have some lovely landscaping. Here’s another great thing about looking at these luxurious homes you get some excellent ideas for landscaping. They will have to remove these trees here once they sell this home to get this garage functional. So this one does have a three-car garage. Unfortunately, you have the two cars here, and the one car there can’t get in to have that locked up. But you know we’re going to take a walk and take a tour of the rest of it now you haven’t done it already, make sure you hit that thumbs up for me on YouTube and subscribe and hit the alert buttons for other luxurious homes in Florida.

We’ll do the whole state of Florida and take a tour of what you can get in different cities here in Florida. So as we come in, the first thing we have here on the left is an excellent office area. And then to the right, we have the door right there that goes into the garage. And then we have a tiny laundry room area here and a drop zone. We don’t also have a half bathroom here. Now, these model homes have a ton of upgrades in there. So when we talk about the base price, please understand that the base price does not include a lot of premium or upgrades and that the base price does change. If you’re watching this in 2022, the base price will be different than it is today.

December six, 2020 So here we are the kitchen area

We have a pantry there, and we have some unique color cabinetry here. This is a gas community. We have the gas stove top there and an event that has vented some lovely backsplash. As you can see, the kitchen is a nice size kitchen. We go in this direction here. We see our family room area. And then we also have a little dining area here. Of charming light fixtures, that’s pretty interesting to how they have taken as the design of the actual ceiling goes into the walls like an extra piece of wood going all around. All the little fit and finishes they do on these are amazing. So see, we get outside here and show you what they’ve done to the outside of this home. I was in this beautiful they have little walking paths.

First of all, we have a little sitting area here on the patio. We have some lovely ceramic tile out here also. And then we still have a little bit of space on that side too. By this little what these little walking paths are going to the different areas, we have a little dining area. The trail goes to the corner of the home, and then we have looked like some bamboo going out there or the built-up wall lounge area and this water feature. And then the rest of it here is what’s excellent about what I do is looking at these luxury homes getting some good ideas for my home. So that’s another reason why you know if you like this you can get some great ideas for your homes as well.

There’s a family room area again, Mello Luxury Anna Maria

Also some excellent woodworking on the wall there. We’ll go over here and go in this direction. So here is a primary bedroom. It’s also got quite a bit of woodworking they did put in the in-ceiling speakers. It’s a nice upgrade that people sometimes do in their homes. We have it at our home. We love it, and we can play the same tune throughout the house or different ones, depending on what we’re doing. And then here is the bathroom we have a huge shower area. And then we have dual sinks. We have one sink here and then the other tub in the middle, and then we also have the additional sink on the other side. Here is the shower again.

We do have a towel closet here

The water closet is proper through here. And then we also have our main closet. Nice size closet. I did a nice little feature where they put a pretty high-up window, but it gives you a little bit of actual natural light coming through into the closet area. Alright, so let’s go ahead and go back in this direction here and show you the rest of the home. So we’re going to be going up the stairs now. In 2020, and then we go this direction here, we have another bedroom. This bedroom has a bathroom and a walk-in closet. Mello Luxury Anna Maria.

We got over here this direction, and then we have this will be bedroom number three. They have some bunk beds in this one. Some nice paintwork. Have a little look like a Vespa scooter there. I was born and raised in Bermuda, and we have a lot of little mopeds and stuff, so my aunt had this before a while, and there’s a walk-in closet, and then we have over here a full bathroom.

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