Shipping Container Tiny Homes

Shipping Container Tiny Homes, A very windy day today in Las Vegas, which is where we’re at today, and I’m going to show you three separate container homes located here in Nevada. They are all built by alternative living spaces. They build out and sell shipping containers. Let’s go check them out. Las Vegas is fabulous, but you might not think of it as a place to buy shipping container homes, but that is why we’re here today. We are visiting Alternative Living Spaces. This is where they are located, and we’re going to be visiting their facility, and this is where they build out shipping container homes to sell to people that buy them, which is incredible.

I get a lot of messages from people wondering how to build shipping tender homes or plans or even get started with it. This is a perfect place to get started with it. Suppose you want to check him out. The links are down below. The first place we will be checking out is their showcase model at their facility. So let’s head over there and check that one out. This is where they build all their shipping container homes. This one is explicitly a 20-foot unit that is on a unique trailer. I’ve never seen one like this before. It’s a tiny home on wheels. So 20-foot shipping container is 160 square feet of living space. They make this high quality and beautiful some of the best serving Tanner homes I’ve seen, so at this unit, it looks wonderful on the outside, even the AC unit and everything. All the hookups on the outside are placed very nicely.

It just all looks aesthetically clean, Shipping Container Tiny Homes

I love it with this model right here. The kitchen is right in front of you, and you have butcher block countertops, white cabinets, beautiful fixtures. I love the sink. You even get built-in burn plates and a fridge over here on the right. And on the left side, your living and bedroom spaces are over here. This is a Murphy bed. So this couch transforms into a bed, just lower right here. And I love how they have all of this designed. And then on the backside is your very spacious bathroom, basically all complete in here as well. Beautiful vanity. Super cool shower. I love this blue, like wraps around all this bathroom. So this is their first model. It looks incredible. You can tow it anywhere in the United States. This model comes around $60,000, I believe, which is pretty awesome.

If you want a shipping container home, you could have it shipped right to you. Now let’s go check out the next unit that they build. This one has been sent to somebody’s backyard. It’s going to be used as an air b&b. So let’s see what that one holds. This unit is another 20-foot unit. And it’s a little bit different layout on the inside. So this is just another variation of what can be done with alternative living spaces or for inspiration for your shipping container or tiny house. This one is going to be an Airbnb. So if you want to check this one out, you can come to visit it, but you walk in through the front of the shipping container. Shipping Container Tiny Homes.

These substantial metal doors you walk in through there

And this is a lovely shipping container on the inside much different layout. So the first part you walk into is your foyer area, and then you continue walking in. And now you’re into your kitchen space slash dining space over here on the left side. You got a couple of chairs and a table for dining and a window. And then over here on the right side is your beautiful kitchen. This is a unique style of kitchen layout. You have a built-in microwave over here and a mini-fridge over here on the left, you have some open shelves, and then this backside is your bed. But this is very interesting. They rotated the mattress to fit the container home, so it kind of looks like a huge couch.

You couldn’t sleep on it long ways because the beds rotated, so you had to sleep on it sideways. So I like this a lot because I think it saves space. There are no tiny little spots on the left and right sides, not even to use. This bed takes up all the area, and it’s pushed back, and it looks fantastic. I like the way this looks a lot. And if we look on the other side of the shipping container, you have your enclosed bathroom. Now, this unit is explicitly just your toilet. There’s going to be an outdoor shower space. Shipping Container Tiny Homes.

So if you like this model specifically, get it as well

The floor is lovely. You get shiplap on the walls if you want, and even take a look at the bathroom; if you look at the ceiling, I love what they did there. And like the light fixtures and everything, it looks beautiful. So we took a look at 220-foot unit options. Now let’s head over and check out a much different option that can be done. We’re heading over to this double 20-foot shipping container unit with a vast outdoor space in the middle. This couple lives here. They bought the shipping containers to live in themselves full time. So it’s a unique spot. This unit is 20 feet on the left side and a 20-foot container on the right side.

And this massive deck in the middle on the left side they sleep in this space. So if we take a look inside, it is a unique spot. I’ve never seen one like this. They have their bed over here on one end with a skylight. And they have a couch right in the middle, and they have their work and desk space over here on the other side. This is an excellent example of what it’s like to live in a shipping container home. The other container is your kitchen and bathroom space. This beautiful kitchen takes up most of this container in this lovely bathroom. Over here on end, it is a sliding barn door. Great pictures are shiplap. Shipping Container Tiny Homes.

There’s even tile in here,Shipping Container Tiny Homes

Butcher Block countertop looks very livable. They have their pantry over here on the side as well. This is just an excellent unit. And right here, in the middle of this, is their outdoor space. This is my favorite part on this backside over here. They have this super cool hangout lounge area; they took this tree and bought these beautiful hanging flowers to make it look Japanese-inspired. This hangout area is super cool. And right next to that, they have their outdoor bathtub with some bamboo all around it to make it cozier. I love what they did out here. And then you have their dining table out here in the middle.

And just kind of like more hangout spots. This is clearly under more construction, as you can tell right now, but this is something you could do or purchase from an alternative living space. And you could do all of this yourself. So these are the three units that we checked out. They’re all built by alternative living space. If you don’t want the headache or the hassle of designing your own to build a shipping container home yourself, you can purchase one from there, and they’ll ship it to your backyard or your lot. Shipping Container Tiny Homes.

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