Some Hummer Facts

Some Hummer Facts

The New Hummer H3 is not really very small. It is a 5 seater and is around 17 inches shorter and around 6.5 inches narrower than the H2 model. It has a 6 inches lower based roof and thus this is one Hummer that would fit in a garage. The Chevy Cavalier and the Hummer 2 have a similar turning radius.

The Hummer H3 has the power to go through paths filled with boulders. For example if you take a Hummer across the Woodpecker Trail in the region of Arizona, you would be successful. The H3 is thus one vehicle that makes you feel at home. The H3 has huge 33 inches tyres and they are aired down to around 20 psi, and it has an all time 4wd with a gearing mechanism that is quiet low range. The rear diffs and the locking centre vary. There is a good traction control and it has an excellent approach with a lot of departure angles.

The H3 of Louisana has a ladder frame and has fully boxed rails with good extra cross members. There are four underbody skid plates which protect the power train. The suspension is through the double A-arms with a live axle and torrison bars in the front. There are leaf springs in the back.

The interior is of really good quality and there is a 3.5 liter inline-5 with a bhp of 220 and a torque of 225 lb-ft. H3 is one that can have a V-8 ease into the front. The 5 speed gearbox is manual and it thus helps the driver to give a great performance from the twin cam inline-5.

Some Hummer Facts
Some Hummer Facts

Hummers are the most fascinating vehicles for a vehicle lover and it is sad that they no longer produce it. The Hummer H1 production got canceled sometime in the year 2006. This is during the time the civilian version of the Humvee were reaching a certain price above $130,000. Sales of the Hummer vehicles are low and then the decision to stop the production was therefore taken. The Duramex Diesel is one such version of the Humvee.

The H2 and the H3/H3T models of the Hummer got over sometime in the year 2010 and there were some few dealers who had the materials to get into the year 2011 with the vehicle modes. But the news of the shutdown of this huge vehicle spread sometime in the month of April2010 and it was sure that it was going to be around for some time.

So it is a fact that Hummer as a brand vehicle is not found anymore. But the website for hummer is still there. The only work that is related to the brand is the sales and the social media teams. They move the existing Hummer Owners into the newer GM vehicles.

GM on the other hand has had a company NYC to take care of the social media. Earlier to the time when the brand died, the Facebook page was managed by the public relations team of Hummer. They had undergone the AM General’s Training Program which is the main feature in many Hummer Club Events. There was a certain passion to the brand and the Hummer enthusiasts and owners still vouch by the vehicle.

Once Big Fuel was in charge and the entire passion for the Hummer brand disappeared. Offices might have opened in Detroit but the updates that are there on the social media pages say a different story.

The Hummer is still a preferred vehicle and it is really interesting to know more about it.

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