Storey Capitol Hill Townhome

Storey Capitol Hill Townhome, Hey, we’re halfway through 2020, And thank goodness, Am I right? It’s not been the best year so far. But it is summer. I am on my staycation. And I’m about to show you something that I think will make your entire year. It is 16 32/20 Avenue Northwest. And guys, I’m excited about it because I think it’s one of the very best values you’ll find on an inner-city Northwest Townhome. Take a look. To come on in here to this inner courtyard. Where are you going to find a place like this in Calgary? You enter from 20th avenue through this common area. And then into this open inner courtyard, this got feeling like you’re in a place like Miami, somewhere different than Calgary, which is cool. And we got this private entrance into your unit.

Alright, I think I’m so excited to take you through unit 106 because this building presents one of the very best values that you will find in Capitol Hill. Now you’re about to see why because I will take you through the main, the second, and that third story in this property. But first, if you step back and take a look, what you’re going to find is a nice wide-open floor plan. But it’s also got some cool custom details. Not usually found in a property under $550,000. Now keep in mind, this is a semi-detached home.

This is not just a row house

It’s not a four Plex unit. This is a semi-detached home. And it’s got some cool features, one of which is just off this dining room area. As you can see here, it’s got some presentation room above that’s a place for your top-shelf liquors, you’ve got wine display some storage below, you’ve got a cool feature wall along here that hides half bath. This is your front closet and some storage space below the stairs. Now I think you’re going to like this kitchen. Right, this whole main floor is full of light. I mean, take a look at the size of the island, you’ve got great appliances in here, the two-tone, it’s cool, it’s unique. You’ve got this dark grayish blue, high gloss cabinetry below this very minimalist, modern white cabinetry above together.

It looks sharp. And it gives this place a little bit of character, a little bit of flair. But take a look at this living room. Now, normally you would be looking out onto the front street of the home very public. This here looks to the rear of the lot. And as we get to the third floor, you’ll see that it provides gorgeous views over Nose Hill Park. Now I should say, Do you watch these videos on YouTube but not yet subscribed to my channel. If that’s the case, just hit that subscribe button, guys, because we’re taking you through some of Calgary’s most exciting properties.

Okay, now let’s head upstairs, Storey Capitol Hill Townhome

All right, heading up onto the second floor here, guys, you’re going to find two more bedrooms, a bathroom, and this laundry room space. But if you take a look right off the bat, you’ll see that they’ve got actual quartz countertops here and a lot of laundry tub sinks, which is very cool. Check with this bedroom, as well in here. This is a great size for kids for guests, and it even comes with a lot of storage. Of course, that’s not the case here because you’ve got over 1700 square feet. Take a look at this bathroom. Once again, storage is the theme.

You’ve got two banks of drawers a nice large vanity. So this is great if two kids are staying on this floor with guests staying on this floor. All right. I’m excited to show you this other bedroom on this floor because you could use this any number of ways.

Do you have an older student living at home? Storey Capitol Hill Townhome

Or you could use this as a family room or bonus room space where you could sit down have a movie night. We can see that we have it staged as a second living room space right now. But it does have this bedroom closet up here as well. With custom storage inside, so functions in any way you might want to see it. Now we’re going to head up to the third story here. This is fully dedicated to the master bedroom ensuite. Okay, up at the top of the third story here, you’ve got a little desk just before you enter into the master bedroom suite now. I’m excited to show you this area because every time I’ve shown this home to someone, they’re blown away by this space and take a look at why.

First off, you’ve got this cool feature wall to the back

You’ve got room for a queen or king-size bed. Now yes, I will show you the walk-in closet, and I am going to show you the ensuite. Still, first, I need to show you this outdoor space that I’m a huge fan of, So how amazing is it to have a third story deck like this now? They’ve got this privacy glass here, which is nice because it shields everything below but still provides great views of all the trees’ rooftops, and you get a great view towards no snow Park. The rest of the space out here though it’s perfect. You want to suntan you want to relax, grab a glass of wine, kind of away from it all in your little inner-city paradise. Storey Capitol Hill Townhome.

Okay, let’s pop in and look at this ensuite in here. dual vanity, it’s floating, which gives a nice modern appeal. You’ve got this tub and a separate walk-in shower. And also, I think you’re going to love this space in this walk-in closet. Did you love that third-story master bedroom suite with the gorgeous Deck, the open floor plan on the main level? And oh, did I even tell you about the underground parking we have here? Listen, if you’re looking for one of Calgary’s best value on a semi-detached home in a beautiful inner-city Northwest Community, give me a call, text, or email. We’ll set it up. Oh yeah. And by the way, if you enjoyed this video, here’s what you should do. It would help if you watched more great tours in Calgary homes there. Check out that playlist down there.

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