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The Acorn Treehouse, Welcome to the acorn treehouse honey tree farms. Let’s go check this place out today. We’re in Fredericksburg, Texas, one of my favorite spots. I love visiting Texas, and we’re at honey tree farms today. They have several cool tree houses. There are three levels of the TreehouseTreehouse, the middle levels, your living space, and an outdoor area at the bottom, and an outdoor area on top of this TreehouseTreehouse. It is about 300 square feet of living space. So this is a tiny house treehouse. So I think it’s cool. And if you want to check out this by yourself if you’re ever in the area, the wine country of Texas, I believe, is Fredericksburg. Check out the links down below. You can book this place if you want to host your cool TreehouseTreehouse or anything else.

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Along with the tour, you’ll pull up to the space, and you can see that this is the treehouse hub. I would say it’s fantastic. And your spot is the first one on the right, the park, and then you will walk up to your TreehouseTreehouse. The entrance to your TreehouseTreehouse is stunning nature has perfectly placed two trees to kind of arch over the walkway. There’s light strapped all around them and even a lantern at the top, and you walk under this walkway. And then your TreehouseTreehouse gets revealed as you walk in. It’s so beautiful the lights around the TreehouseTreehouse at night.

The spot glows in the dark, and it stands out amongst the trees. It looks like you’re in a fairy tale or some Wonderland. It is cool. As you can see on the outside, this TreehouseTreehouse is tall. You got the spiral staircase in the front, beautiful blue wood mixed with the natural wood color everywhere. It’s stunning. So we’ll walk up and the bottom level. The first thing on the right before we enter the spiral staircase is your first outdoor area. Now, this is a unique spot. You have this custom-made colossal sliding door, and you open it up, and you enter into your outdoor enclosed area. I would say on the left side.

You have a swinging chair, The Acorn Treehouse

At the bottom, you have a grill and an eating area. And then, on the right side, you have your outdoor bathtub. This is an elegant and fun spot to have. I love the X honeycomb-looking windows everywhere. That’s because this is a honey tree farm. So they do the honeycomb-looking Windows is excellent. That is my favorite detail of their tree houses. So we’ll take a step out of that, and we’ll walk up the spiral staircase now. This gives you a good look at all the nature around you. You can’t see any other Treehouse whenever you are at your TreehouseTreehouse.

So that’s nice to know. And then you enter into your second level, which is your main level. Let’s step through this door, and we’ll check out what the inside has to offer. When you walk inside, you’ll enter your kitchenette space. Now, as I said, this is considered a tiny house for your kitchenette. You have your sink right across from your door, and then you have these floating shelves above you have all of your dishes, and you have the cool custom-made cabinets underneath with your mini-fridge.

And we’ll walk out of that, and now we enter into your main living space

This is your bedroom and living space all in one, right in the middle. They have a huge king-size bed. It’s pretty impressive that they fit that in a 300 square foot floor plan, and they have this net that goes all the way around it that adds to the romantic vibe to this place and the massive window on the side of the bed. What’s in all the light and you can see beautiful nature out and then at the foot of your bed you have a couple of drawers at the end to store some stuff. Then they even provide this massive table for your luggage, I believe, or a seat to get ready, and then you have an excellent record player over here on the left.

And then, on the right of this, you have a small dining area which is impressive that they fit that in here as well. So this is your living space, places to sit, places to sleep, relax, and be romantic. And then now Why think this place what makes this place very, unique look on the other side you have your bathroom space, and then this is where your revealing shower is located. This is a romantic retreat because this is an all-glass shower for you. and your partner, which is fun if you’re here, like on a honeymoon or something.

So, I think this is an excellent aspect

I’ve never seen this anywhere else. And if you want to, there are curtains to close this, if it must be done, but it’s super neat that you have a shower out in your bedroom and living space that you can look into. It’s kind of interesting. Now, look into your bathroom. This is a pretty spacious bathroom, with beautiful tiling everywhere. I love the tile work behind this vanity and behind the mirror. I love that white with the black grout. It looks beautiful. Around this corner, you have your toilets. And then, of course, your gorgeous shower.

You have this arched tile away when you walk into it. And then the tile work on the bottom and just all around it is beautiful. And then, of course, you can see your living space and dining space whenever you’re in your shower. This is an excellent bathroom spacer a total of five different tile work in this bathroom. So if you like that, this is your bathroom; let us all 300 square feet of your living space very unique. Now we’ll take stuff out of that.

We’ll walk up the rest of the stairs to the top level of your tiny house treatments


When you reach this top level, you have a couple of seats up here to enjoy as you are at the very tip-top of the trees around you is cool being up here, kind of like in a bird’s nest up here, crow’s nest surrounded by the sky and the beautiful trees. And then over on this right side, you can enter into this small archway door into your patio area. This is, more specifically, the crow’s great nest. You have a bed over here on the left, you have a small clay firepit area over here, and then another swinging chair up here, all enclosed with this beautiful opening on the side that lets you look into the trees. And, of course, the honeycomb windows everywhere.

The spot is a nice relaxing area, especially being up so high in the trees and enclosed. So rain shining comes out here. You could probably even sleep out here if you wanted to enjoy that. But that is the third level of this treehouse, and it’s fantastic that there are even three levels to this tiny house treehouse. So that is your acorn treehouse located in Fredericksburg, Texas.

It is a unique Tiny House treehouse, The Acorn Treehouse

There is some quirkiness to it, which is fantastic. And there are some unique aspects to it, like the shower space and the fact that you have three whole levels of things you can do, so that I would consider the spa a romantic retreat with your partner. I would not want to come here with my best friend or anything. I’d be a little strange, but I would highly suggest this place if you’re in the area or any of the other tree houses they have next week. I’m going to show you their next TreehouseTreehouse, which is fantastic. The Acorn Treehouse.

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