This LUXURY Renovated Apartment

This LUXURY Renovated Apartment, We are in Eau Claire, the northwest corner of Calgary’s downtown. This is a beautiful little sleepy residential area bordering the Bow River and featuring in Lokai. Building One of Calgary’s most iconic, we’re going to take you through unit 502. It’s just a different vibe down here. No, Claire. We have already come down here, check out the parks, you’re the concert, maybe we come to this area for restaurants. Imagine living right here on the ribbon. Let’s go check it out. So welcome to 502 on the fifth floor, the Lokai building. Now, this is a listing that means a lot to me personally, and I’ll tell you why.

Not only is this unit entirely modern, but this is also going to sound like a humblebrag. I designed this entire space, and my renovation design company urban abode, we’ve fully built it out. That’s why it’s so special to us because we know all the work that went into it. There are a lot of challenges when you’re working and designing in a space like this, these columns right here in behind them; you’ve got life safety systems, water, electrical, a whole bunch of different things that, of course, a building like this needs to service all the floors above and below it. However, we were able to thoughtfully come up with a solution to open up all the walls, something that none of the other units in the building have achieved.

To give a modern, bright and airy kitchen

You can see how well the owners have kept itIt’s immaculate inside. And when I say custom, I genuinely mean that you’ve got all these little different details. Things like custom storage spaces for your spices, you’re recycling your garbage. You’ve reached your dishwasher here, a built-in wine fridge, these little details that add a little bit of charm to space, your wine storage. We’ve got a pantry in the built-in wall microwave, but check out this whole sightline here of these cabinets, the cabinets with the walnut shelves, the LED lighting, all of this makes for a bit of interest, and that light at night, turn everything else on just like the LED lights on beautiful. Entering the dining room space, we’ve got room for about six people in here comfortably.

Nice, beautiful view south over downtown. And we’ve included this wine feature here. This is a custom-built cabinet. It’s a shallow depth, just enough person additional storage. That’s so key in places like this. And it’s got this wine storage feature here, which will be staying with the unit. Let’s go check out the living room. Now think of this. You live in a downtown condominium but look at all this space around you. My clients chose this light, bright, and airy color palette. It looks great with the white kitchen accents, like this natural white limestone, So in the living room here, they have added a 60-inch natural gas fireplace. That was difficult for us to get up the elevator and bring into the unit.

It’s a unique featurem, This LUXURY Renovated Apartment

Above that, we’ve mounted the TV and in behind. We’ve hidden all the wiring so we can go into the cabinets. So when I say custom, this place is being done to a high degree, including things like this. We’ve reworked the design to capture a tiny little home office. And if you don’t want people to see the books, the paperwork, all those details. Just cover it up with this door, also made in our custom millwork shop. Pretty exciting. Now there are two more bedrooms down the hallway. We’re going to show you those, but before, we want to take you into the washroom space. So both bathrooms are fully renovated. They’ve got this excellent marble porcelain tile. This main bathroom features a full tiled shower. Everything in this space has been done to the highest level.

Check out this master bedroom suite. There are little details that we’ve added things like the accents above the bed. We’ve added once again a TV and a soundbar here up on the wall. We had to work with the building’s existing infrastructure and meet our client’s high demands. They wanted a fully jetted tub. This one is exceptional it Even as Bluetooth activated with speakers, and a custom, fully tiled shower, things like this, a dual vanity here, lots of extra storage. That’s something significant in these condos. We captured all of that and checked with this open plan design.

We’ve got a nice walk-in closet here, This LUXURY Renovated Apartment

So, of course, there’s underground parking, and of course, there’s additional storage. Listen, this unit is unique. We wanted to highlight just how great the spaces on the inside plus how excellent this location is—moving beautiful ready knowledge and an absolute steal in today’s market. Just check out this playlist up there of homes currently on the market for sale. Or, if you want to see inside million-dollar dwellings in our city, you can check out our tools right here and if you never want to miss another video again.

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