Tiny House on Volcanic Lava Field

Tiny House on Volcanic Lava Field, On the channel, I’ve taken you to places in the desert or on Lakefronts or in the middle of the woods amongst the trees, but I’ve never taken you guys to a volcanic lava field, and that is where we are today. And I’m going to be giving you a tour of this tiny house located right on the lava field. I apologize if any of my pronunciation is incorrect in this video. We are on the Big Island, Hawaii Island. I love. I’ve always wanted to see a volcano and some love in my life, and today, we’re staying on the volcanic lava field. Speaking of literally as I’m editing this video, another eruption happened in Columbia on December 20.

The National Park Service just uploaded a photo of it, and I believe I was standing right at that viewing point as well. I’m not sure, but I just missed it, the most active volcano in the world. The killer whale is an active shield volcano in the Hawaii islands. Historically, it’s the busiest one exciting spot to be at on planet Earth. Anyway, back to the video. And you can see it for miles and miles, and you can see that it goes over the hills and is phenomenal as you can see, people live out here on top of the lava, and it is super cool.

It is not hot or anything and has been dried up since

You can still see the ripples and all of the lava flow, and it is just this deep black color. You can see where some of the trees here before are still here and where the lava flowed around it. It is truly phenomenal. And today, we are here at the Ohana house, which is this off-grid tiny house that you can book yourself and stay here in Hawaii. And check all of this out for yourself if you want to check out this spot. The link is down below. It is wonderful. The owner has a couple of units on this property that the Phoenix House being one of them, and it’s pretty famous. They’re both designed by will Bell hearts and built by artists’ tree homes.

So whenever you arrive at your property, which is on the kind of the south side of the island, you pull up, and you’d sort of drive through the lava, and you reach your tiny house. Now, this is two separate pods with a Lanai in the middle. As I said, this is off the grid, but there is electricity and running water czar neat, and how it works I’ll show you once we get inside but as you can see, just perched right on top of the lava. It is kind of a couple of feet off the ground. And that is because these homes are designed out here in case there will be another eruption.

Get about a week’s worth of earthquakes before there’s another eruption or flow

So they can come and pick up these homes and take them to take them away, so they don’t just absolutely get destroyed, which is a pretty unique aspect. I think of the Psalms. It’s cool. I love the design of this tiny house. I’ve never seen one where two separate pods are in the middle with an outdoor piece. One side is kind of like your living space and kitchen. The other side is your bathroom and bedroom. So I like that a lot how they incorporate the outdoors with their tiny home because this is just a beautiful area. And once you walk upon the steps on the Lanai, this is your eating area. This is where your outdoor dining table is so that you can eat out here with friends.

There are some string lights above it and a couple of seating options on the backside. On this right side, you have your couch and table. They have a couple of magazines right here and a map of Hawaii that shows you all the beaches around it, which is helpful actually And on the other side, you have your dining table. You have some drinking water over here. You have a propane burner over here if you want to bring it out and cook some stuff out by the dining table. Tiny House on Volcanic Lava Field.

This has all of the things you would need to live here, Tiny House on Volcanic Lava Field

On the other side, the first door is your first bedroom. And that is the main bedroom. You have your bed in here, and there’s a couple of shelves that go all around. You can hang your clothes here, store your luggage here. And yeah, it’s just a straightforward, neat bedroom, and then we’ll go around, and then the second door is your bathroom. You have this large shower right here. There is hot water in here, which is excellent. You have your toilet over here on the other side and your sink over here. Now, something unique about this is that the water just kind of flows through the floor and just right onto the lava rock, which is a pretty awesome thing because you are off the ground, and it is off the grid. So where are you want to put all that wastewater just kind of goes right back into the bed?

And then the last door of this pot is your other bedroom, Tiny House on Volcanic Lava Field

There are two beds in here. There’s one on the ground, and then you climb up this ladder, and then there’s one right on top of you so you can bring a small family here or some friends out here. Plenty of bedding options, and this is just a fun area. There’s Osco, a desk, and this bedroom is a tiny house at night glows amongst the volcanic rock and the night sky is one of the clearest skies I’ve ever seen. So I would highly suggest this place if you want to come to check out and experience something otherworldly is what it feels like to me from Ohio. The host offers other stuff here like massages and things of that sort, so you can book those things as well and get the full-on package here.

So this is your off-the-grid Tiny House experience on the most active volcano in the world.

The sunrises and sunsets are unbelievable here. There are lots of black sand beaches all around. The newest beach in the world is located about 10 minutes from your right here. It was formed in 2018 from the last eruption. I believe so. It’s only a two-year-old beach, and the black sand is something to come experience—stunning landscape everywhere around here. Airbnb is genuinely for the occasion, which you will never forget. So book this place down below. Thank you guys for watching this video. And guys, I’ll see you next week with another Airbnb tour. Thank you guys for watching the videos.

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