Top 10 Automotive Products at the 2011 Consumer Electronics Show

With over 40 years of success, the International CES (Consumer Electronics Show) reaches across international markets, enabled CE innovations and connects the industry for growing and thriving. The International Consumer Electronics Show is produced and owned by CEA (Consumer Electronics Association), a preeminent trade association promoting growth in $186 billion United States consumer technology industry. All profits from Consumer Electronics Show are reinvested into industry services like industry promotion, technical training and education, market research, legislative advocacy and engineering standards development.

The CES (Consumer Electronics Show) is the largest consumer technology trade show of the world and in 2012; it was host to more than 2,700 technology firms. Many of these companies showcased their products, which will be of interest to folks who love to outfit their cars with last word in automotive technology. In the past, the automotive landscape of Consumer Electronics Show has been dominated by aftermarket brands like Alpine and Pioneer, but recent years have seen car manufacturing companies taking a larger role. Following are the 10 products, which caught our eye at the event. Aftermarket brands including Pioneer and Parrot are reflected, but lineup also includes exciting new offerings from Toyota, Ford and Hyundai.

Alpine Rearview Camera

Alpine Rearview CameraYou can enjoy extra measure of safety in your car, truck or sport utility vehicle with Alpine Rearview Camera. This tiny camera installs near license plate of any vehicle, providing full-color high quality picture to your Alpine in-dash video monitor. You will enjoy clear view of everything behind you, particularly useful if you are driving a huge vehicle. The five-meter connection cable is included.

The new Alpine Rearview Camera allows the consumers to select from numerous views, providing audible and visible alerts when a motion is detected. It recognizes stationary and moving objects behind the vehicle and using Alpine in-dash screen or in-dash video unit, which has RCA rear camera input, this camera system identifies objects that pose potential danger when a vehicle is backing up. Red bars form brackets around the object on the display as visible indicator. When an object is detected, the audible beeping alert also activates.

Griffin Car Trip

Griffin Car TripThe Griffin Car Trip corresponds with the vehicle’s computer to alert you to possible problems; it can also be used for clearing “Check Engine” light and comprises of small piece of hardware, which plugs into your vehicle’s onboard diagnostics port and relays information to your in-dash iOS device or iPhone.

Hyundai Blue Link System

Hyundai Blue Link SystemWith Hyundai Blue Link System, driving has never been more convenient, more fun, easier or safer. This groundbreaking technology receives and sends updates to keep you well connected at all times. Access Blue Link via smartphone or in-car system for finding a gas station or shortcut, call for help, learn about mechanical issues and more. Blue Link not only pinpoints your present location, it might also assist you with where you are going. Get the weather, discover your surroundings, reach your final destination and find a restaurant via audio and visual guidance on this extremely intelligent guidance system. Blue Link technology can help find the location of your vehicle, how fast it’s going and the time of day it’s being driven to ensure the driver is following your rules.

JVC In-Dash Media Receiver with MotionX GPS Drive Navigation

JVC In-Dash Media Receiver with MotionX GPS Drive NavigationDownload the MotionX-GPS Drive application, connect your iPhone with a cable of JVC, and you will get driving directions, live traffic info and maps on your screen. Once connected, the iPhone becomes “brains” of your system, while also acting as secondary screen, showcasing MotionX-GPS Drive’s menu screens. Traffic and maps info are continually updated via your iPhone, offering you the most precise data possible. The MotionX-GPS Drive harnesses collective feedback of more than eight million iPhone users for providing you with most relevant search results possible. POIs (Points-of-interest) are included with Wikipedia and Facebook, providing you more hotels, restaurants and other sights than you will find with preloaded navigation systems.

MyFord Mobile App

MyFord Mobile AppMyFord Mobile App is all about staying entertained, staying in touch, staying reassured and staying, all with simple voice commands. Never miss a phone call with handsfree calling, browse and play whatever you want to hear from your audio library with simple voice commands and have incoming text messages read aloud to you. With MyFord Mobile, you can get personalized news, stocks, and sports scores and audible turn by turn directions. Now with available MyFord, you can tailor your driving experience from entertainment to climate with intuitive touch screen controls, customizable cluster screens controlled through steering column mounted buttons or simple voice commands.

MyFord Mobile App is an in-car entertainment and communications system designed and developed by Microsoft and Ford Motor Company. The technology comes factory installed with product offerings of Ford and is based on Microsoft Auto 4.0 software platform. It is considered to be the next-generation of Ford Sync. Announced in 2010, at CES (Consumer Electronics Show), the technology introduced with 2011 Ford Edge. It enables drivers of Ford’s car offerings to flawlessly incorporate almost all PDAs, digital media players and mobile phones into their cars.

OnStar Anywhere

OnStar provides tons of useful features but has served very limited market, since it has been available only on recently made GM (General Motors) vehicles. This lack of availability is addressed with the introduction of OnStar Anywhere, the aftermarket product, which enables those with older non-GM and GM vehicles for enjoying OnStar service. OnStar controls are usually clustered around the vehicle’s rearview mirror and utilize same design. The device is essentially a replacement of rearview mirror and offers most including Automatic Crash Notification that alerts OnStar advisor in an event of accident, Stolen Vehicle Assistance that allows OnStar advisor to the stolen vehicle through GPS tracking and handsfree calling through Bluetooth phone.

Parrot Asteroid Head Unit

Parrot’s Asteroid is a huge-screened head unit, which works on Android operation system and receives striking, clean design, allowing you to do things such as make handsfree phone calls and search for music files through voice commands. When equipped with GPS dongle, the Asteroid provides geo-location services like identifying nearby points of interest and traffic alerts.

Pioneer Navigation System with Aha Radio Integration

Pioneer has teamed up with Aha Radio for providing interactive radio service, which you can tailor to suit your preferences. The service is offered on 2011 line of in-dash navigation products of the company. Besides multitude of podcast and content stations, Aha Radio enables users to listen to their social media with its text-to-speech functionality, allows users to listen to current traffic conditions and a system that reads Facebook and Twitter updates.

Sony TomTom XNV-770BT and XNV-660BT In-Dash Navigation Systems

TomTom has long been a leading aftermarket marque when it comes to navigation systems and Sony has amalgamated with the company for developing two new products. The XNV-660BT and XNV-770BT navigation systems come equipped with TomTom technologies like IQ Routes that determines route options based on actual traffic speed rather than going by posted speed limits along with Map Share that helps keep maps current by enabling approved users to make updates.

Toyota Entune

Toyota Entune is a fully incorporated multimedia navigation system utilizing connected mobile phone for gathering information like information updates and traffic updates. The system uses mobile applications for providing the driver with information from OpenTable, and Bing (search engine), along with traffic, weather, stocks, news fuel information (location and price) and sports. It also has access to music services, including Pandora, XM Satellite Radio and iheartradio.

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