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City Luxury Home, Today’s tour looks like it’s been torn out of the pages of Architectural Digest on this week’s episode of nearly a million-dollar terms. Hey guys, it’s probably Callum here with an honest broker. And guess what? On today’s tour, I’m going to be taking you inside that beautiful home. We’ve got two of them built by New Era homes right here in the community of North Glenmore Park. People come to this area for the schools, the shopping proximity to downtown, and the savings over Altidore, just three blocks to the north. Now listen, I can’t wait to show you the incredible design. Let’s get started. Okay, get prepared to see one of the most stunning, most stylish designs in an infill that I’ve ever seen.

Now, I’m in a lot of these, there are a lot of different builders that spend time building on these inner-city lots, and they end up all arriving at the same finish, the same design. It gets a little bit tiring, and that’s what’s so refreshing. But what are builders’ newer homes do here? They did the right thing. They brought in a professional designer house of the bishop to help them select the finishes in the details that go into this home and give it a unique vibe.

Take a look at this area here to start. City Luxury Home

I love this vintage sort of handmade look on the backsplash tile, we’ve got a five-burner gas range here, and one of the most fantastic hood fans have ever seen. You got to get a look at this. This antique near has been faced on top of this hood fan and the front of the island. So you’re going to find more and more of those little continuity details throughout this entire space. But then also take a look at the workflow here. You’ve got this sizeable trough-style sink right there, right across from the oven. And as you move this way through the home, you’ll find a table that will suit up to five people around it. Now think about that.

You’ve got your formal dining at the front, you’ve got your Nook here, this is where the kids were doing homework, you’ll be hanging out with friends playing games, right here. And of course, all this cabinetry, this beautiful white oak with this gorgeous finish. The one thing I feel the builders missed is the fridge right, every home needs a fridge, and this one’s getting one. Don’t worry about that; it’s coming in just a few more weeks. It’s going to be countered depth, so it’s going to have a nice sleek finish. And we’ve got this gorgeous fireplace in the living room. So you’ve got two-tone tile with that white oak. This is a large piece. It’s a statement. And as you can see when you see it tied in with the rest of the kitchen design, it’s stunning.

So another thing that I love about this home is how these doors open right up onto your large deck

Now there is so much space out here. It is great because you don’t get a yard in many of these inner-city lots. You do get a lot of room here for pets. You have a little garden back there. And of course, with these doors open in the summer, it makes it perfect for that indoor-outdoor living. Okay, so I mentioned two entrances, and you’re probably thinking, why are there two inches on the side of this house? Well, one of them here serves the main and the second floor. It’s got beautiful mudroom cabinetry in there as well. So it’s perfect for coming in off the garage, keeping the mess behind this door here. But then there’s that second entrance.

You usually will not find the potential to add an income suite in one of these inner-city infills. Well, this one, the builders have thought through that already. And they’ve added a secondary entrance that leads right into the basement. Okay, so check this out that same antique mirror used upon the hood fan is also right here on the face of this island. And it’s highlighted with LED strip lighting, a very cool design. There’s also a half bath right here. And once again, this Black Spindle with this white railing, so much more practical than glass railing, especially if you got kids.

Alright, so I want you to understand the layout

They’ve chosen here with these two large bedrooms for the kids. You’ve got a four-piece bathroom right off to the side, and as you come down to a super open and bright hallway, you got a stunning custom laundry area. Now I like the little details in this home. I’ve shown you some of the light fixtures so far. Check out this one up here. Just gorgeous. But right behind me, guys, this primary bedroom suite is unbelievable. I love it in here. It is so unique, so different, not something that you’ll find in an infill commonly.

Here’s something thing to keep in mind. Too often, people mistake pricing items solely on the square footage. They’ll say, Oh, there’s another builder down the street that did this or did that. Here’s the thing did they do these kinds of details, the sconces on the wall, the chandelier, these 14 foot high ceilings, all those minor features add value to a home, and then make this place? Unique from the rest. Okay, stepping into the answer, you’ll see more of those beautiful details.

I love the dual vanity here, City Luxury Home

I love this pedestal tub. But there’s something I can feel standing in here that you can see. And that’s the heated floors that extend right into this walking shower, right onto the base, and up onto the seat. That means you’ve got a heated seat in your shower. And guess what, the builders have even thought it all the way through and rough this in for a steam shower if you so choose. Okay, so here’s the deal. I know I should be showing you the lower level. But honestly, hang on, this primary suite is a place. I think you’ll spend a lot of time here. These are big, beautiful sunfilled windows that face cells that bring so much light into this primary suite. And one last detail before we head downstairs is to check out this fully custom closet.

Okay, so do not mistake this lower level for just another finished basement in an inner-city infill. And let me tell you why. That’s because this home has two side entrances. One of the services this lower-level meaning you can completely privatize this space and turn it into an income-generating suite if you so choose. Currently, the builders have decided to finish this for single-family use. That means you’ve got two beautiful bedrooms down here and this excellent recreation area. And if you come with me this way, you’ll find the largest of the two bedrooms is serviced by this four-piece bathroom.

Alright, so if you want to make this into a suite

You’ll want to know that all the Ruffins exist for creating that kitchen space right behind this wall. And the floors can be independently heated because they’ve roughed them in for in-floor heating. How incredible are these builds? The details in these homes are spectacular. So think about this. You don’t find 2000 square feet above grade with the option to do an income suite with these levels of details. Under a million dollars here in Calgary and not in the community like North Glenmore Park, New Era Holmes hit this out of the park, in fact, so here’s the deal. City Luxury Home.

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